Louise Hechmann is a danish dance and yoga instructor currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2015 Louise travelled to Costa Rica to become a certified Yoga Instructor, she hereafter traveled back to Denmark to teach classes and find her own voice as an instructor. Yoga soon became her fulltime occupation, and in the beginning of 2017 she decided to listen to her heart, follow her longtime dream and move to beautiful Santa Teresa in Costa Rica where she is now teaching weekly classes.   

Since a very young age, due to her mother having worked most of her life as a professional acrobat, gymnast and dancer, she has been surrounded and influenced by these elements. At only three years old, Louise was already participating in her mother’s classes in acrobatics and gymnastics and continued to do so for many years, evolving her passion. In her early twenties, when traveling to Costa Rica, she was introduced to Salsa and immediately after returning to Denmark began taking Salsa lessons in Copenhagen. After training as a Salsa dancer for a couple of years, she discovered Tribal Fusion and it was in this genre of dance that she found something completely unique and alluring with which she fell in love right away.  Ever since then she has been practicing Tribal Fusion, Modern Dance, Jazz and Ballet, so within her own style of dance you can find a strong connection to all these varied yet co-operating styles. 

Louise started teaching dance classes in 2011, as well as taking part in different dance troupes in Copenhagen from 2010 to 2013. However since January 2013 she decided to take a break from her troupe work and instead focus more on her own personal development as a soloist.

Because of her growing dance practice, Louise started gaining an interest in yoga, and in 2008 she began practicing Ashtanga yoga. This new training rapidly became a very important part of her life. She realized how yoga not only helped her gain more strength and flexibility, which improved her dance skills significantly, but also how it helped her find balance and harmony in her daily life; two elements she had been seeking for a long time. Her yoga practice quickly intensified and developed from being a hobby to becoming a lifestyle, it also helped her realize what she wanted from life and how she could reach her goals. That is why, in 2014, Louise decided to dedicate her life to dance and yoga, and in January 2015 she travelled to Costa Rica to begin her teacher training. She is now a fulfilled RYT200 certified Yoga Instructor, under Yoga Alliance.