Modern Fusion Dance

Dance wise Louise specialises in what is broadly know as Tribal Fusion Dance. Tribal Fusion was brn in the 1990s in San Francisco and derives from ATS® (American Tribal Style Belly dance). It fuses more folkloric dance styles such as Indian and Oriental with elements from modern crossover styles such as Jazz, Modern Dance, Hip Hop and Martial Arts and the music used in classes is often modern, electronic world music. In Louise's personal style of Tribal Fusion you will find a stronger focus on the more modern elements of Tribal Fusion, while she also plays with blending techniques and poses from her yoga into the dance.  

Tribal Fusion Dance is known for its strong technique and isolation work. You will develop strong body control while gaining a lot of flexibility and strength. The dance also has a beautiful, mystic and hypnotizing element to it, which is what really sets it apart from many other forms of dance.  

Yoga and Pilates are two very important elements of the Tribal Fusion scene and Louise’s classes normally begin and end with yoga exercises, which will help the students gain more flexibility in their bodies and therefore get stronger technical skills and fluidity in their dance. 

This unique and admired dance style has become very popular and can be found in many alternative environments all around the world.

Louise teaches weekly classes in Tinkuy (for further information see classes). She may also be booked as an instructor or as a performer for different events. Please contact for more information.